By Mack Bekeza

The official ruling for “fiduciaries,” meaning people who are legally bound in the best interest of retirement investors, will not take effect until April of 2017. However, the Department of Labor (“The DOL”) has been bombarded by lawsuits. This brings us to the recent filing from the National Association for Fixed Annuities (“NAFA”) in June 2016 with regards to how the ruling is defining a “fiduciary,” along with other material in the ruling.

Before we get into what exactly NAFA is complaining about, let’s review how the DOL defines a “fiduciary, which is:

“Any person who exercises any discretionary authority or control respecting the management or disposition of its assets or has any discretionary authority or responsibility in the administration of the plan” as well as “any person who renders investment advice for a fee”. [1]

So, what exactly is NAFA complaining about? According to them, “Congress intended ERISA fiduciary duties to apply only to those who participate in ongoing management of a plan or its assets.” As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is not the case. NAFA completely disregarded that fiduciaries are those who render investment advice for a fee. Put it this way, an annuity can play a large role in someone’s retirement, so how would selling annuities to people not be considered rendering investment advice?

Another claim made by NAFA was in regards to how the DOL is allegedly “exceeding its authority by imposing ERISA fiduciary obligation on parties to transactions involving IRAs.” Again, NAFA has it wrong. Although investment advisors to IRAs are considered fiduciaries, those individuals are not subject to the same scrutiny that an ERISA fiduciary would be.

This case is an excellent example of how people who work in the commission-based side of the financial services industry are trying to keep their industry alive. They realize that (as of late April 2017) their ways will no longer work for them in the marketplace, so they are desperate to fight this. Keeping things how they are now can lead to many retirement investors losing billions of their hard earned dollars from commissions and expensive products.

Attached is a link to the article that we used as a reference. And, for those who want to see the DOL’s official response to NAFA, click here! However, just a warning, the official response is about 105 pages long.

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[1] As a note, Castle Rock Investment Company falls under the DOL’s definition of a fiduciary for both ERISA plans and IRAs.