Step 1We chat for 15 minutes. Bring your questions and we’ll decide if we’re a good fit.

Step 2 Enrollment Forms & Plan Customization

Step 3 – You and your employees start saving for retirement.


Does it have to be more complicated?


Unbelievable Investment Lineup!

Vanguard Target Date Retirement Funds are the default investment for the plan but you have many other top-rated investments to choose from. To learn more about the investments review the information here.

We Believe you’ll love…

…plan customization!

…save up to $73,500 in 2023!

…up to $1,000 tax credit per employee!

…no commissions, no hidden fees, and no surprises!

Community Events

We believe in fun, and we do it virtually and in person!

Individualized Financial Education

You and your participants finally will have access to someone that not only cares but knows your unique situations and how to answer the tough questions.


Flat, $500 startup cost (offset by $500 tax credit!)

Annual Pricing Example - 5 employees with $100,000 of plan assets

By default, each participant pays their portion of the fees out of their account balance. You as the business owner may take on the expenses if you wish to earn tax credits and/or business deductions based on your tax situation.

FAQ's and Hesitations

A: We have most companies up and running within two months. Total time need from you is dispersed over a few short, decision-making meetings which we find take less than 2 hours. Once the decisions are made, the plan runs on autopilot via your chosen payroll company.

A: PEPs were introduced in the SECURE act of 2019 and weren’t allowed to be formed until 2021. They aren’t popular, yet, but we predict that most firms will ditch the traditional 401(k) for PEPs, possibly as soon as the next ten years, for their ease of use!

A: State plans like Colorado’s SecureSavings, California’s CalSavers, and Illinois’s Secure Choice are unfortunately not offering you anything more than a glorified IRA. No new benefits like increased savings capacity or the ability to establish an employer match, you’re now just dodging fees that they’ve implemented. Not to mention you’re now forced to send your payroll data somewhere! Might as well be to a plan, like Castle Rock PEP, that gives you control and increased benefits.

A: Once the plan is setup, you have the choice of uploading your contribution data to our recordkeeper, Slavic 401k, or you may have your chosen payroll company do it for you.

Next Steps
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