Water Cooler Wisdom: Fourth Quarter 2014

Major events at the close of 2014, specifically the fourth quarter of 2014, included: the abnormally low prices of oil; the unique position of the Federal Reserve and the US dollar; US Treasury Rates poised (still) to rise; and American manufacturing ramped up to march on ahead of other world leaders, while an embroiled Europe […]

When Is a Buck Not a Buck?

Note:  This is a follow up piece to our August 15th interview with an industry expert regarding the recently adopted SEC reforms. In the wake of the Lehman Brothers failure in September of 2008, the Reserve Primary Fund, the oldest money fund in the nation, “broke the buck” and fell to 97 cents per share. […]

Water Cooler Wisdom

By: Katherine Brown, Research Associate, Castle Rock Investment Company The end of the 2nd quarter of 2014 left the global banking sector bracing from the fallout of a weak quarter. In moments of weak growth, we are reminded of the need to diversify our portfolios. Just as it is important to eat a balanced meal, […]