Coming April 10, 2017

Did you know that when you pay for investment advice, your adviser might not always have your best interests at heart? Yes, investment advisers are currently legally allowed to sell you products with their own financial gains in mind, even if it means that the products have a high price tag or pay excessive commissions. […]

Castle Rock Investment Company Celebrates 10 Years!

Castle Rock Investment Company, formed in April 2006, is an independent woman-owned registered investment adviser located in Castle Rock, Colorado. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary on April 17, 2016. To celebrate this important milestone, 50 people attended our 10 Year Anniversary Party at Siena at the Courtyard in Castle Rock.  It was a wonderful evening […]

Water Cooler Wisdom: First Quarter 2016

The date has been set: April 10, 2017 In one year’s time, an adviser to retirement investors will be required by law to put the interests of their clients first. While this sounds absurd to the average American, unfortunately it’s true that advisers have been allowed to put their financial interests ahead of their clients. […]

Water Cooler Wisdom: Fourth Quarter 2015

“What, if anything, can the rest of the world do to mitigate the volatile China impact?” – Anonymous client Great question…and unfortunately, I don’t know the answer. Free trade is a basic American principle than underpins our capitalist system (my editor removed “mostly capitalist”). Of course, we all know that free trade isn’t truly “free” […]

Saving for the Scary Times – Emergency Savings Accounts

As we approach the scariest day of the year, our thoughts naturally drift towards ghosts and other spooky things. What else is really scary that should be keeping you up at night? If you haven’t started an emergency savings account, or you don’t have enough saved in it. Life’s unexpected events will be much less […]

Water Cooler Wisdom: Third Quarter 2015

During last quarter’s review meeting, I promised a snarky review this quarter, but “good grief” as Charlie Brown would say. The “Grexit” story from July feels insignificant at this point. Greece is now negotiating the “transfer” of over 50,000 migrants and refugees. In fact, the International Organization for Migration reported that more than 35,000 migrants […]

Water Cooler Wisdom: Second Quarter 2015

It is challenging to write an economic update with the “Grexit” story changing each hour, Chinese stocks in a free fall, and technical glitches at United, NYSE, etc. seeming particularly suspicious. The Freedom of Information Act, along with our competitive news media market, provide some comfort, but there is no way of knowing what the […]

Supreme Court to Fiduciaries: You Must Monitor Your Plans’ Investments!

Castle Rock Investment Company wanted to update you on a recent significant Supreme Court case. Last month, the United States Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision (9-0) in Tibble v. Edison International, ruling that plan sponsors are not only responsible for reviewing retirement plan investments but that they also have a “continuing duty to monitor […]