Castle Rock Investment Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Katherine Brown as a research associate. In her new role, Katherine will prepare quarterly economic updates, aid with investment research and provide insight on issues impacting Castle Rock’s clients and their employees.

Katherine, a M.A. Candidate for a Master of Arts in Global Finance, Trade and Economic Integration at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, brings in-depth knowledge of macroeconomic theory and policy, econometric and statistical analysis, government public policy and finance and applied economic theory to the firm. Her research and writing concentrate on international monetary economics and central banking.

Katherine served in multiple research capacities at the University of Denver, CDR Associates and the Columbus Council on World Affairs. She holds a Dual Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Latin American Studies from Miami University, along with a minor in Spanish.

Laurel Mazur, Castle Rock’s former research associate, was recently hired as a research assistant for the Baltimore branch of the Richmond Federal Reserve. “We congratulate Laurel on her new role with the Federal Reserve and we are thrilled to welcome Katherine to our firm,” said Michele Suriano, President of Castle Rock Investment Company. “Katherine’s experience collecting and interpreting data, researching contemporary economic issues and generating accessible articles will be invaluable to our clients.”

Castle Rock Investment Company is an entirely woman-owned registered investment adviser serving plan sponsors in Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas. Castle Rock focuses exclusively on workplace retirement plans to help plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligations and increase retirement readiness for their employees. More information can be found at

Please contact Katherine at (303) 719-7523, or via e-mail at

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